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There’s far more to WidgetMakr than just creating donation forms. The online donation platform includes features that enable you to utilize 1-click donations, customizable gift levels, pre-filled forms, robust back-end tracking mechanisms, Google Analytics integrations, and a clean, minimalistic user interface for donors.

1. Connect Google Analytics to your Widgets

One of the easiest steps you can take is to connect your individual fundraising widgets to a Google Analytics account. This greatly improves your ability to collect data on how your fundraising program is performing overall when you can compare the metrics of individual widgets.

Click here to learn how to integrate Google Analytics to widgets.

2. Track with Source Codes

Source Codes are an important component of accurately tracking where the donation originated and allows you to use a single widget across multiple landing pages. You can also pass Source Codes through to Crimson to assist your financial and compliance teams.

Click here to learn how to add Source Codes to a widget.

3. Customize Donation Asks with the Giving Matrix

In field of direct mail, customized donation levels are used frequently to tailor an ask to individual donors based on their previous giving history. Used in conjunction with the Spark 1-Click donation system, the Spark Giving Matrix finally brings that option into the world of online fundraising.

When making a donation through WidgetMakr, 95% of users opt to create a Spark account. The Giving Matrix takes this information and customizes the requested donation amounts based on giving history. This prevents you from asking too much or too little money from a donor.

You can choose how aggressive an ask to make by moving the bottom slider and set maximum donation limits, which is helpful if raising money for a political campaign.

Click here to learn how to set up and enable the Spark Giving Matrix on your widgets.

4. Pre-fill Forms with URL Parameters

You can make the donation process easier for repeat donors by utilizing URL parameters. These are strings of information added to the URL of the widget that pull in personalized information for a donor when they click on a widget.

URL parameters are commonly used to pre-fill the name and address of a donor when they click on a link in an email, but there are many other options such as recurring gifts, donation amounts, and tracking numbers.

URL parameters require using specific characters to work correctly. We recommend referring to this guide on using URL parameters when setting them up.

5. Streamline with Simplified View

For Spark account holders with saved payment information, this option shortens your widget to one step.

Click here to learn how to use the Simplified View.

6. Take Advantage of Recurring Donations

Recurring donations are an easy but under-utilized way to increase the annual giving totals from your donors. By asking donors to set up an automatic donation each month for a set period of time, it’s often easier for the donor to give more money overall.

WidgetMakr offers extensive options to make recurring gifts a flexible option for your campaign or organization. You can customize the frequency of the gift (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually) and add a specific date to end the recurring gift. You can also customize the message that will be displayed on the widget and highlight the option to draw more attention to it.

Click here to read our guide on recurring donations.