Now that the general election has started for Republicans, you might encounter questions about how much individuals can donate.

As part of their Timely Tips, the Federal Election Commission recently answered this question for the 2016 election cycle:

How Much May I Contribute to a Presidential Candidate? During the 2016 primaries, an individual or a non-multicandidate PAC could contribute up to $2,700 (multicandidate PAC: $5,000) to a presidential candidate. That primary limit applies to the entire primary process, including the convention, rather than to a single primary held in particular state. For the 2016 general election, an individual or a non-multicandidate PAC may contribute an additional $2,700 (multicandidate PAC: $5,000) to a presidential candidate. Please note that if a major party nominee accepts a general election grant under the presidential public funding program, that candidate cannot raise any private contributions for the general election.

With the creation of three new types of party committees created in 2014, individual donors can also contribute up to $801,600 across specific funds at the Republican National Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

The infographic below breaks down the limits that individuals can contribute to different types of campaigns, committees and PACs.

2016 Political Donation Limits