This week, Facebook rolled out a new feature to encourage online giving through its nonprofit brand pages. Now 501(c)3 organizations can use the call to action button – located in the cover photo section of their page – to link directly to a fundraising widget or donation page.

Linking a Donate Now button to a WidgetMakr widget is extremely easy. Here’s how you can add it to your nonprofit’s Facebook page.


Tips for Using the Donate Now Button

• Customize Donations with the Spark Giving Matrix
This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the Spark Giving Matrix. If the donor has an existing Spark account through WidgetMakr, they will be given customized donation amounts based on their previous giving history. If the donor is not a Spark member, you can select the default options to be displayed on the widget.

• Create a Custom Landing Page
Rather than send Facebook visitors to your generic donation page, create one tailored to this crowd. Visitors might not be familiar with your organization, so include basic information about your mission and justification for why you need their donation. These individuals are clearly on social media, so encourage them to follow you on other networks like Twitter or Pinterest.

• Use Source Codes to Track Facebook Donations
Optimize your donations by sending Facebook donors to a page. However, you don’t need to create another widget. Just use WidgetMakr’s Source Codes to track donations coming through Facebook. Simply add “?sc=YourCode, to the end of the widget’s URL and all donations made through that widget will be tagged with the source code you specified. You could use “?sc=FacebookDonateNow”or simply “?sc=Facebook” to track these donations.

• Remember that Donations Go Straight to You
Don’t worry about giving Facebook a cut of the donations. This feature merely connects the social network to the donation page that the nonprofit organization chooses. The Next Web explains:

These buttons generally link to an off-site page, so nothing is actually done within Facebook proper. This extends to donations — the “Donate Now” button available on the ALS Association Facebook Page (of Ice Bucket Challenge fame) simply redirects to the donation page on the company’s official site, with a referrer tag in the URL.

Facebook also places a disclaimer on that button, advising its users that the donations aren’t affiliated with Facebook.

How to Set Up the Donate Now Button in Facebook

Linking a Donate Now button to a WidgetMakr widget is extremely easy. Here’s how you can add it to Facebook page for your 501(c)3.

1. Click on the “Create a Call to Action” button in your cover photo.

Use Facebook’s ‘Donate Now’ Button with WidgetMakr

2. Chose the “Donate Now” option in the drop-down menu.


If you don’t see the “Donate Now” option, click back into your Facebook page’s settings and make sure that “Non-Profit Organization” is selected under the page type.

3. In a separate tab or browser window, open up the WidgetMakr widget or donation page that you wish to link to your Facebook page. Copy the URL.

4. Paste the URL of your donation page or widget into Website field when requested and click the blue Create button.


5. Your Donate Now button should be active, and you click on it to test.

Use Facebook’s ‘Donate Now’ Button with WidgetMakr

6. A Facebook disclaimer will pop up when the “Donate Now” button is clicked. Click “Continue” to proceed to your donation page.