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WidgetMakr is proud to announce the creation of Spark, our powerful one-click donation platform.


Now you can put the latest in fundraising technology to work for you.


Learn more about the newest innovations below.

About Spark


Spark is the latest innovation from the creators of WidgetMakr. This unique one-click donation solution offers a safe way for your donors to save contact and payment information, allowing them to easily donate to future efforts easily and safely.

Tailored Donations


Borrowing from proven strategies in the world of direct mail, with the Spark Giving Matrix™ you now have an innovative tool to tailor donation asks to each donor.

Dockable Forms


Now you can make any content on your website a donation opportunity. With the Spark 3-Step widget you can “dock” a donation widget into any part of your website.

And so much more…

Built For Digital Marketers

Built to track, analyze, and improve your conversions

Powerful Analytics

Track your fundraising progress with our analytics dashboards. Each widget has the ability to track unlimited source codes to help you better determine the ROI of your online efforts.

Testing Environments

How many times have you wished you could test your donation forms before going live? With our unique testing environment you can simulate a real user experience.

Unlimited Widgets

Created unlimited donation widgets to power all of your online campaigns, or use simple source codes to deliver the ROI on your social media marketing.

Built For Designers & Developers

Fully customizable and responsive designs, right out of the box

Custom Designs

Create beautiful donation forms without having to touch any code with WidgetMakr’s Form Designer tools.

Native Embeds

With the Spark platform, you now have the ability to seamlessly create native experiences for your donation widgets anywhere on your website.

Developer API

Need a bit more customization? No problem. With our well documented API you’ll have the ability to quickly and easily build the tools you need.

Built For Fundraisers

You'll have peace of mind knowing WidgetMakr was built to be quick and secure

Fast Deposits

Funds are deposited within a day or two, so you can use your money when you need it. And with gross deposits, reconciliation is easy.

Mobile Friendly

With a focus on forms that adapt to any screen, your donors can access their accounts or make donations on the go from the comfort of their mobile devices.

PCI Compliant

You’ll have added peace of mind knowing that every system and process carries the highest PCI Compliance standards.

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