Watch the New Features Webinar

  Learn how to use the new WidgetMakr features in this recorded webinar from Jack Simms, the Vice President of Product Development at CMDI. Recorded on May 3, 2016, the webinar covers: • How to streamline donation pages with the new Simplified Widget • How to...

New Features Webinar on May 3

Join Jack Simms, the Vice President of Product Development at CMDI, next Tuesday, May 3 at 3:30 p.m. EDT for a online tutorial on how to use the features that were recently released.

Release Notes: March 25, 2016

The next time you log into WidgetMakr, you should notice several new options when building a widget or using the Spark Giving Matrix.

Missed the WidgetMakr Webinar?

Do you have questions about WidgetMakr but weren’t able to make the last training webinar? Now you can watch a recording on WidgetMakr’s Helpdesk or the embedded video below.

WidgetMakr Training Webinar on Jan. 21

Are maximizing how you use WidgetMakr and taking advantage of all its new features? Reserve your spot for a free webinar on Thursday, January 21 at 3 p.m. The training session will be led by Jack Simms, Vice President of Product Development.

Remember Those FEC Deadlines in 2016!

Even though it’s a busy election year, reports still have to be filed with the Federal Election Commission, which released the dates for filing reports last week. We made it easier for you to keep track of those deadlines for quarterly and monthly filers with...

Why Minimum Donations Make It Safer to Give Online

On occasion, we get asked why WidgetMakr won’t accept donations under $2. While it’s true that aggregate sums of donations under $5 can raise significant amounts of funds over the course of a campaign, donations of $1 or less are very uncommon and increasingly being used in credit card fraud. They also tend to cost the campaign more than the donation itself due to the cost of fundraising and credit card processing fees.

When Not to Send Email

There are countless infographics and articles examining the best time of day or day of the week to send an email, but are there times when it’s bad to send an email blast? A new infographic from Hubspot looks at some of the worst times during the year to press send.

2016 Primary Dates

Working on a presidential campaign? In case you missed it, the Federal Elections Commission recently answered several common questions asked by campaign staffers.

Using URL Parameters for Fun & Profit!

URL parameters are interesting because they allow you to pre-fill information about the donor before they even get to your fundraising form. WidgetMakr supports URL parameters to do a variety of things, but until now, we’ve never put together a comprehensive list of all the options that you can use.