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About WidgetMakr

WidgetMakr is an internet fundraising and online form platform that allows its users to create customizable widgets that they can place just about anywhere on the web to boost their fundraising and non-financial outreach efforts. Launched in 2011, WidgetMakr was developed by its parent company, CMDI, in order to fulfill the special compliance and cash management needs of political organizations that  existing online fundraising tools weren’t meeting. The platform quickly became a Republican industry standard and is used by hundreds of Republican campaigns, committees, and PACs.

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About CMDI

CMDI, which is also the innovator behind the Crimson platform, is America’s largest Republican campaign finance services platform. They provide software and FEC compliance services that have managed more than $10.1 billion for federal campaigns and committees. As a close partner with the Republican Party, CMDI has consistently provided innovative solutions throughout the company’s 30 year history. For more information and other products available to right-of-center campaigns and causes, please visit www.cmdi.com.