Over the past year, WidgetMakr rolled out many new features that make us the best online fundraising platform for Republicans. Now, we’re changing our pricing plans to ensure that WidgetMakr is the best value for your campaign, PAC, nonprofit or committee.

Starting immediately for all current and future WidgetMakr customers, we are dropping our simple, flat rate to 3.9% + .30 per transaction.



In addition to our competitive pricing, every WidgetMakr customer can still access the platform’s popular features including:

• Access to the largest network of Republican donors through Spark 1-Click Donations
• Tailored donations through the Spark Giving Matrix
• Auto-fill donation fields with data from Crimson, Facebook and URL Parameters
• Flexible recurring donation options
• Streamlined donations with the Simplified Widget
• Easy tracking through Google Analytics and source codes
• Extensive API
• Dockable forms
• Custom CSS to design widgets that fit your website
• Testing environment to simulate the donor experience
• Mobile-friendly and responsive forms that work across all devices
• Highest level of PCI Compliance to keep your donor data safe
• Robust online helpdesk and customer support team from our Tysons Corner, VA office

We also have special rates available for campaigns raising more than $1 million through online donations, so please contact us to learn more.